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why my fiance breaks his promises to me?

My fiance is constantly breaking promises. I usually am very patient and understanding. It seems that it just never quits no matter how important I say an issue is. #1 He told me he would start taking sundays off to spend time with me, yet he has only taken 1 sunday off in a month since he told me. I let it go cuz he has to work even though it hurts. #2 He told me he would start coming home at a decent time, yet I can count on one hand the days he did come home before 6pm.#3 He told me he would make up for xmas and my birthday last year since he didn't get me anything. It is sept and he has made thousands of dollars since then, no it did not all go to bills. #4 He told me he would stop lying about finances. Still catch him and he says he didn't want me to get upset. #5 promised he would not pay his workers until the job was done cuz we have rent and bills due too. He paid them and now has to stay late to make up the money to get rent. Is it wrong of him to take care of them first? They were supposed to wait and now he has to work alone cuz they all went home early to finish. #6 He said if they use him and don't do work right he would fire them. They are costing us money but he just keeps letting them work. #7 He said he would wait until we got carpet in here,we just have pieces, before he bought anything else. He is trying to convince me to get a laptop. I know he didn't buy it but he keeps trying to buy a trailer for tools $1000,and it is like he doesn't respect my concerns to get carpet in here before the baby comes. Yes I wasn't being smart by getting pregnant but he had me convinced we were coming up. what should I do? I don't feel like he respects me or my opinions.

2013-09-04 23:57:57

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