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I've felt high for almost three days and it's scaring me, HELP?

So I smoked around ten on Friday night. I was drinking aswell, I only had about three Bacardi BREEZERS though, I only Di one hit from a bong aswell, and went to bed around three in the morning, I went to bed still feeling burnt out and odd, woke up the next day, with the same feeling, all day. Not like a super high, but like I'm in a daze, like I just at whatever comes to mind and blurt it out loud. I just don't know what's goin on and I'm confused. Kind of like a coming down from Being high feeling that won't go Away, it's now Monday morning and I still feel it I've only smoked three times before this, but this hasn't happened before, and my friends smoked the same weed as me, and they dont Feel this I'm scared Help

2013-06-24 16:07:11

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