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Music Video with man and woman and a dragon?

I meant to find the music video when i saw it, but I forgot. I'm sure you all know it. It was on youtube as a "commercial" before my real youtube movie began. I've tried searching, but without the artist name or lyrics, I couldn't find it. So....the man and woman are in a siberia-looking environment, the woman saw something in the snow, the guy tells her to leave it alone, she storms off to go see without him, he runs after her, she gets eaten by a dragon thing, he manages to kill it, walks into it, gets trapped in cube, goes flying off to the "real world" walks through what looks like a district in Peru or some other country and finds her on a balcony, they kiss and go flying off in a cube back in the dragons stomach, walk out and all is well. Yet I can't remember the song or lyrics or artist XD

2013-06-24 16:11:13

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