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I need songs about distance with someone you love?

Me&my girlfriend have just been separated by her parents...we've been hiding from them since we started to fool around back in January.. things got serious around March..Still we didn't come out to her parents..Before any of you ask why, it's because we're lesbians...Her parents knew about this but didnt know about US..they found out yesterday&took her away..I have no way to contact her..I dont even know if she will continue to go to our school...This is cruel...I have refused to talk to any one&honestly despite what some of you may think, music is what keeps me strong..I really would appreciate if you would recommend songs to me..They dont necesarily have to try and match my story because I'm pretty sure theres no way that's possible..But please, songs about distance that's killing you but you're love doesn't waver...most preferably around the rock genre,but other genres are welcomed as long as they're catchy..thank you

2013-06-25 23:47:49

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