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Is there any way I can force my neighbor to pay his half of a fence replacement?

I live in Fremont California and have been trying to get my neighbor to pay for a fence replacement after a wind storm in April. I have spoke to them on 04/28 and discussed turning in a claim. At that time he gave me his cell phone number and said to call any time. He said he would turn in a claim also. He said he has State Farm also. On April 29th I filed a claim with State Farm and the adjuster came our on May 2 and cut check for approx. 50% of the cost. On 5/6 he said he turned the claim into the insurance company yesterday. Since that point, I have left several messages, gone over to the house 3 times. It is now 6/25/13 with no response. What can I do?

2013-06-25 23:40:55

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