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Dodge ram Laramie 2500 brakes?

Ok so I just bought a 1996 dodge ram 2500 Laramie slt and its needing a brake Job and some new calipers. However doing my research I don't understand if it has 4 brakes or just the front two set? I went to look and the front two wheels have rotors and brake pads but I can't tell in the back because there's a plate covering it and I can't take the wheel off yet so I wanted to know. Does my truck only have front wheel brakes or do the rear also have brakes? When I call speedees oil change they say it'll cost 250 an axle but when I ask if the back to has brakes they say they are unsure until they look at it. This why I want to know before I spend 500 instead of 250 on it. Anyway let me know please thank you!

2013-06-25 23:45:29

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