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Could I have depression?

Im 15 and i know allot of people say that its just hormones but i know its not... In 2011 new year I had a feeling like that year was going to be bad. Then my uncle died. I wasn't close to him in fact I thought he was an a$$ because if the way he acted better than everyone. But when he died I began crying myself to sleep (that started happening when my dad went away to help with his funeral) I was off for 2 weeks because I couldn't get to sleep and I kept crying. (I kind of wonder if I had a break down) i dont know if i was crying because i delt guilty or not. i kinda felt like it was my fault after having that feeling. anyway, the year went on and I was still had a few crying problems (especially during winter) then as 2012 came they got better then they got worse. May 2012 I began self harming which was pretty bad I know but I couldn't cope. By then I was being bullied and I felt pressure to get good grades etc. then I began taking some depression tests (3 months between each) they varied but most came back with depression. By November I stopped self harming but I still felt horrible. I developed slight OCD, where I would wash my hands so much that the skin began to flake off. Again I felt like crying for no reason and I began to doubt my sanity. I had a self harm relaps two weeks ago and it helped me feel so much better but I know what a bad habit it is so I haven't done it since. But again the pain is getting harder to control and feel down so much latly and I have no energy and its horrible. Also between last year and this year I have had sucidal thoughts but I know I am to chicken to do it. Could I have depression? And was I having a breakdown in 2011?

2013-06-25 23:46:32

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