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I'm composing a song for my boyfriend for Christmas and I need ideas?

I want to write a song for my boyfriend, and I want it to be about him but I don't want it to be obvious. I want it to be a metaphor. Like a personification of something like water or the wind or something. I'm shooting for cheesy and majestic lol. Here's how I'd describe him: He's strong, both mentally and physically, he's in the army and he wants to be a firefighter or an EMT once his enlistment is up. He is the kind of person who would be there for anyone if they needed it. He's funny, and smart, and extremely caring. He's sensible and logical and believes with his whole heart. He loves with his whole heart as well. He isn't really a people person, he's not too keen on socializing but he's fine with it if he needs to be. He has amazing morals, almost all exactly as mine actually. We have so much in common it's almost scary haha. He's always concerned about how I am, especially if I'm a little sick or if I'm getting irritated from company or whatever. He's always wanting to make me smile, and laugh. He tells me that he's there to protect me and that he's there if I need him. He gets a little irritated if he doesn't think people are being respectful or if people don't follow through with what they say. He's open about telling you if he thinks you're being disrespectful or if something you said was inappropriate socially, etc. Okay that's it, I think. Anyway, some sort of natural element (such as fire, water, earth, wind, etc.) that could be personified to fit him that I could sing about would be awesome haha. Also, I'd like to know why you think it would fit and how I could put that into a song. All and any sensible ideas as well as any other musical advice are very welcome, thanks. :)

2013-06-25 23:54:18

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