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Help with my dad and dad's family meeting my boyfriend?

I have been with my boyfriend for 10 months, he's met my sisters and that's it. I have met his family (his parents, sister, cousins etc). His family are all pretty close, they see each other a lot and get along most of the time...My famiy however (especially my dad and his side) can be rude etc. My boyfriend really wants to met the rest of my family (he gets along with my sisters so far) but I am worried my family will be rude to him.My sisters' boyfriends don't like my dad's family that much. My mums family is nice but most live interstate so it's hard to meet them. I get along with his family pretty well, even went out with his mum a few times with her and her friend. Should I just introduce everyone and hope for the best or leave it? I know one day my boyfriend will have to meet them. Thanks. :)

2013-06-27 07:18:52

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