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My roommates hate my dog?

I've lived with two of my best friends in college for a year now in an apartment. One of my roommates hates my 6 month old lab puppy, her reasons are "he's too energetic, he barks (not a lot), and he's just a bad dog. I remind her that he is only a puppy so he's not going to be perfect. Keep in mind she hates all dogs except her tiny Chihuahua Well we just signed a new lease together for a house with a big fenced in back yard, so my pup would be outside majority of the time now, but my roommates are being very hateful and started a huge fight insisting my puppy can not come. I do not think this is fair seeing how the Chihuahua gets to come. I pay my own half of the rent, as well as paying a pet deposit. Should I bring my pup anyways and hope my roommate will get over it? I do not feel like I am in the wrong here. I just do not want to start a big war or have a terrible living situation not to mention loose a friend.

2013-06-27 07:21:37

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