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I'm going to a new school, please help?

Okay so I'm going into grade 10 next year and going to new school. I really really hate being the new kid and I'm really scared because I'm going to be alone and i won't know anyone and I'm so bad at making friends I'm shy and its not like its going to be grade 9 where everyone is new its just me. Im really nervous like its stupid but I'm really scared that I'm going to be like eating lunch alone. Also i won't know the school and ill gets lost i have such a bad sense of direction and the school has two campuses like why jesus christ I'm going to be late for everything I'm so nervous? ps. i have a friend at that school who i was best friends with but she ignores me know and then i have another friend who is going the same next year too (the other friend was already there) and she doesn't really ignore me but i feel like she likes the other friend more

2013-06-27 07:29:26

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