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So was he just playing around he ONLIONE fb sometimes or was it that I didn't make an effort (10 points )?

So he hasn't texted me in 1 week now but So basically I wrote a tbh that I don't really know him and he cute he should pop up on hat sometimes and this is how the conversation went : Sup? I dont even know you, but i want that to change. We should chill one day if you want. You look gorgeous. I dont know how old are you . I want know you better ❤ Me : not much just chillin wbuu ? (; and true yeh lets get to know each other more hehe (; & awh Thanks :$ im 15 btw and you ? Him : 15 where u from ? Me Toronto him same but I was born in porguses him :can i ask you a question that you dont need to answer or be mad me go ahead ill answer him are you a virgin ): me yeh why him : nothing nothing just curious to know your so cute :p him you wanna chill one day I said yeh him can I have your # gave and he said yeh set his status to thinking about her , busy for an hour gonna play FIFA on his fb wall soccer everywhere with my friend then ill takeall my time for you <3 :* me :* <3 him <3 :* <3 okay stop aha him gotta go for a while :* kisses then an hour later Hiii Sweety hey babe Hey You wana chill tomorrow at jjp ?Idk pick one place :$ me chill on Sunday him can't on Sunday cause I don't know And I dont know if i can go to wonderland this Summer I have to buy so many stuffs Sorry :/ sweety :( me : ohh okay then it's alright babe uhm next week you available ? ;) Im gonna try yes i think yeah Can i invite some friends? Or you wana go just only us? Me doesn't matter and he said r u gonna bring anyone me ill bring my best friend him a girl ? Me yeh him I just want you <3 me awh ;$ <3 then don't bring your friends along ;) him you eirther Next week I got your heart :* I want to be all yours <3 me : you belong with me boy <3 him : he said your perfect in his language then made translate then he said I was trying to say if you want go with me to a kind of stranger or not to man people there to know (park) and planing to Skype said erm idk maybe Then talked next day he said he got my

2013-06-27 07:25:14

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