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Question on clear retainers?

I've gone through about 2, going into 3, years of metal in my mouth. In 3rd grade I had: palate-expander, headgear, braces, and retainer for about 2 years. Once I ditched my retainer I had perfectly straight teeth! But that only lasted for a couple months. My canines were still baby teeth and they grew in crooked. For the second time now, I'm now in middle school and I'm back with braces. Yet same nightmare relived. (in 3rd grade I was the only one with braces, and I liked that) still have: palette expander, head gear, and braces. Once I get my braces off I'm thinking of having my lower jaw a wirey retainer and my top jaw a clear retainer. I know that any type of wire retainer is FAR cheaper than Invisalign. Please give me a list of pros and cons, experiences, opinions, rough price, etc. Thank You!

2013-07-03 04:40:48

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