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People who like Halo: What do you think of this?

A Halo animated mini-series. It would cover what happened after Halo CE and before Halo 2. They both are about two weeks apart. There are already some battles and stories after Halo CE but before Halo 2 that are covered in the novels, and turning those stories into episodes of a tv series and adding a bit more stories to the canon wouldn't do any harm. You might say "But the two games are only two weeks apart. How can they put a hundred episodes into two weeks of time?" Well, it would to be a MINI-series, and would have only about 10 episodes. And also, a lot can happen in two weeks. Just look at Halo CE. Everything that happens in Halo CE only goes for about a week. How would you feel if 343 made it? I think it's a great idea.

2013-03-03 10:36:37

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