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Planning to move back to Vancouver after university anything missing from my plan?

I just don't like Ontario... Vancouver is my home its where all my close friends are. I am planning on getting job as a lawyer at a Vancouver firm after law school I find the firms pay better. I plan on living with 2 friends so we would be sharing everything so we would pitch in with rent, food, ect. So far I have $20, 000 in savings (budgeted like crazy) and I'm not sure if I should buy a car or wait till after law school. I looked into a few jobs and they pay in the $30, 000 but that's mostly part-time work till I can get a job at a firm. Ive worked out a budget and I think i can make it work. Between my 3 friends rent is $600 each plus my budget does balance and I still end up having a good amount of savings. Is there anything I'm missing? Personal expenses, transportation, entertainment, rent, food, gifts, school books, tuition a lot of stuff included. I think I'm set but is there anything missing?

2013-07-03 04:47:13

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