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I let my sister borrow everything and the one time i say no she decides to not let me borrow anything?

I let my sister borrow so many of my things recently though she asked to borrow a pair of sequin shorts and told me she was going for dinner at a nightclub/restaurant but i knew she was going out drinking and i couldn't afford to get them messed up (they were expensive) so i kindly said no. Now she is refusing to let me borrow anything of hers anymore.. On top of this, she doesnt even deserve to borrow my things because when my cat was bitten 2 months ago and was a few months late with her rabies vaccine, she tried to convince my whole family to euthanize my cat when there was alternative options. my mom called animal control while i was at work to take my cat away to a shelter, and when that didnt work my sister tried to convince my mom to drop my cat off in the woods. she even talked about poisoning her!! 2 months later, turns out my cat is perfectly healthy with no signs of rabies! I really despise my sister and now i despise her even more for being so selfish. Should i ignore her completely from now on?

2013-07-03 04:51:11

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