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Me and my sister are tired of changing our brother's's awkward. Please help?!?

I'm 17, my sister is 18, my little brother is handicapped and he is 14. He's terminally ill and definitely can't do it himself. He can hardly lift his arms. Please know this, WE DO NOT MIND TAKING CARE OF OUR BROTHER. WE ARE NOT LAZY. WE ARE UNDERSTANDING AND ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO HELP -- it's just, he's getting a lot of hair and erections anymore (I do not mean to be perverted I swear) and it's just getting so so awkward. He also "shakes" his stuff and no matter how many us and our mother tell him to stop, he won't. Our mom basically laughs about it. It's just so awkward. We have another little brother who is 16 and he is the laziest little sh*t youd ever meet. He won't change him, ever. He won't wait on him at all. He sleeps till 2-4pm every day and our mother will not do anything about this. It's hard taking care of a handicapped kid. It's hard lifting him. He is obese (I say this from a medical standpoint, NOT a judgmental or bratty one) and it's all basically deadweight. It's hard lifting him all the time and it's hurting our backs so badly to bend over and lift that way every day. He is in a hospital bed but our mother won't install the piece to make it rise. He refuses to wear anything but pull-ups and he refuses to be rolled to his side -- we have to lift him each time. Dont mother saying we must talk to her about that, because she won't budge and will continue to let him do it regardless of the strain. The thing is, we live far, far out in the country. It takes her being gone around 5 hours each time she simply goes to the store for groceries or anything. This is really getting ridiculous. I just feel like our fully capable brother should be helping with the changing and there should be some rules enforced to our handicapped brother! I mean I understand he's sick, I truly do, but him getting everything his way is hurting him and us. My back and knees shouldn't be in this bad of a shape at 17 years old. Is there anything we really can do?

2013-07-03 04:56:55

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