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Is there book with this story ?

Ok there's this story in my head for some time now, and i would be really happy if there's similar book. So it's about a boy and girl who were together but then they finished school and they needed to separate and they studied somewhere abroad. After about 10 years his some kind of architect and she is hmm let's say tourist agent and they meet on some bridge in Australia. They meet there but he's not excited or even happy but she is. Then there's some old man who wants to be with here but she doesn't want and to sum up they finally get together and everything finishes on some balcony where he holds her in his arms and they both watch ocean and sun rise. So if there's a book even with a smallest part of these story or anything similar, anything, i would like someone to tell me please, thank you :)

2013-03-03 15:48:53

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