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Someone stole my pet rabbit! What can I do?

A week ago my bunny disappeared and then he came back 3 days later. I had an encounter with my neighbor and I personally saw him take the bunny. I have 2 he took the male. So, when he came back he was nervous and twitchy whenever people shouted or talked. Also, whenever me or my daughters touched him, he would flinch and hop away. When I feed him now and stroke him (it's the only way I can touch him) I can feel his ribs and leg bone. He lost A LOT of weight! I want to investigate. Is there any way I can do this legally? I am VERY worried about Ricky and Lucy (the other bunny). HELP!!!! I live in Florida if location matters and I have binoculars, a videos camera, a camera, and a ladder that I can use. Also things like pencil, paper etc. etc.

2013-03-03 15:51:28

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