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Girls-is my ex really this happy?

So my ex girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me in March. It seemed like there was another guy (and there was). She jumped into a relationship with him right when she left me and blocked my Facebook and phone number. Yet she still called me to catch up, messaged me on Facebook (unblocked me) wishing me luck on an exam and texting me on how proud she is of me graduating. All of this was done within the first 2 months of their relationship (all behind her bf’s back). We then got into an argument because she contacted me whenever she wants but I can't talk to her (so she blocked my Facebook again). Then after 60 days of no contact, I send her an apology text and told her she didn’t have to reply if it will get her in trouble w her and her boyfriend and me and the girl I'm seeing (she didn’t know I was seeing someone). She replies and says thanks for the apology. Then 8 hours later she sends this text “its water under the bridge. I'm really happy. My anxiety is better because I'm really happy and I can't fully forgive you yet.” My thought was OK, I get it, you're happy without me. Then the next day she texts about my dead dog saying sorry. I asked how she knew and she was like, “I unblocked your Facebook and went through it.” The next day she starts texting about the breakup and her saying she didn’t cheat. She sends this text out of no where: “Im sorry for hurting you. I did become interested in my boyfriend when I was still dating you, however things went sour with us long before that. Breaking up had been on my mind for a few months. I just kept talking myself out of it. I did not cheat on you, even though it looked bad because of how fast everything moved with my boyfriend. We just have something amazing that I can't explain.” I'm like I didn’t need to hear that and she was like you will understand when you're older. Then she’s like you're not over me so never talk to me again. I tell her to leave me and my new girl alone and she just explodes more threatening me with a restraining order...who tells their ex this type of stuff? She also said she didn't care to hear about my personal life but went through my Facebook possibly to find a pic of the new girl

2013-07-07 17:40:55

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