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What does it mean to dream you are getting ready to get married?

I dreamt I was putting together my own wedding gown with bits and pieces of other ones or other clothing I found as in the veil the gown the corset. I ran to hide in a closet when people were arriving because I didn't want them to see me. My sister helped me sneak around to my room but everyone kept walking in while I was changing after finding another beautiful corset. Anywho when I was on my way to get married it was night time and I was in the car with my boyfriend but he was in regular clothes, a t shirt and shorts, when we stopped to pick someone one. I had to go get my shoes so in my gown I got out the car and walked in the ran towards the house when I stopped dead in my tracks and I saw a man wearing a white shirt and shorts with a pillow case over his head and instantly became frightened. I ran back inside te car and told my boyfriend that man was going to hurt us if we stay together and get married so we had to go our seperate ways until we lose him. I read dreams of marriages mean death or have a negative meaning but well this dream had a negative meaning all in all. Help? I'm very big on dreams having meanings so I need to know something.

2013-07-07 17:38:36

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