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What does it mean when a guy keeps avoid seeing you?

Okay so me and this guy we known eachother for awhile years. I keep trying to meet up with him and we always set dates but when it gets closer to the time we are suppose to meet he chickens out. I'm confused I don't see what the problem is we talk all the time texting etc.... He seems interested and everything oh and we use to have a thing for eachother still do to this day. I asked him why he keeps avoiding us seeing eachother and he told me he's not avoiding us seeing eachother that he just wants everything to be right before we actually meet. He told me I was a wonderful person and everything but idk I think I might just stop trying to meet with him. He also told me he wants to meet this month because he doesn't want the summer to go by without us seeing eachother but I doubt it. GUYS opinion I would like to know the most. And I'm 21 and he's 22. What do u guys think it is. We haven't seen eachother in 5 yrs. And when I say meet I actually mean meet up with eachother. Like to hangout because its been yrs

2013-07-07 17:41:25

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