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14 year old girl never had boyfriend?

hi im 14 years old turning 15 next year. i go to an all girls school and ive never had a boyfriend. BUT i do have boy 'mates' ive also being to a school dance where other boy schools interact with ours and we get eachothers numbers and stuff. i met two guys there once. so anyway once i got asked out by my closest best guy friend but i turned him down because we were too close to ruin the amazing friendship we already had with so many memories. i saw him more as a brother to me that i could trust and rely on. i didnt want to ruin that relationship by being his girlfriend for a couple of months then having a fight and breaking up with him, (which would probably make things awkward) so i turned him down and decided to keep things as they were. that was last year. but now a boy i used to know from alot of years ago admitted he liked me for a very llong time and asked if i wanted to go out with him. problem was, i never liked him in my life and i still dont. we never even spoke! so i turned him down too :L basically overall ive never had a boyfriend or even held hands with a guy. but the two times ive being asked out i turned them down. and compared to other girls nowadays i feel really behind in this whole relationship thing. i genuinely want a relationship but how am i going to find a guy that i want to be in a relationship with? :L i know ive got alot of years ahead of me but even my mum was telling me how her first boyfriend was at 13!!!! :( im not in a rush to get one either, but i would love to be able to cuddle a guy and have my 'first kiss' and be all cute. you know? if there are any other 14 year old girls or guys out there that could help, or give their opinion please dooo!!! :) xox

2013-07-07 17:47:50

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