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Which Actors would you like to see playing all the Superheroes in the upcoming Justice League movie?

1) Green Lantern. (And which Green Lantern should it be : - Hal Jordon, John Stewart, Guy Gardner etc...And please don't say it Ryan Reynolds. That movie wasn't that much successful so Green Lantern will be definitely Rebooted) 2) Flash 3) Wonder Woman 4) Batman (Please don't say it Christian Bale or Joseph Gordon Levitt. Because Bale is not coming back for sure and Levitt will come back only if they choose to continue TDKR's story) 5) Martian Man-Hunter 6) Hawk-girl 7) Aquaman 8) Green-Arrow 9) Cyborg And No Superman guesses because Henry Cavill suits perfectly fine for that role.

2013-07-07 17:45:50

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