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My baby Bearded dragon questions?

He's very quick, And doesn't seem to like being held, He will run/jump out of hand and avoid all contact after he's been picked up, But when i pet his back and back of head he closes his eyes and sits still and seems to enjoy it, I was wondering if with age he will become slower and enjoy being handled without trying to scurry away, And where hes so small he is amazingly good at getting out of your hands, Lol. Another few things ive been wondering is he licks everything in his tank, Is that like a form of smelling? And ive seen youtube videos of some dragons waving, I wonder if he will ever wave?. And last but not least How long does it usually take for one to become grown/handle-able. Thanks for reading all that, Answers will be greatly appreciated

2012-10-12 08:57:16

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