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How to increase CTR of ads on my website?

Recently I just started a book blog that focuses mainly on Young-Adult novels. I don't get many views per day but am working on blog networking and such. Thought I don't like to admit this, my main reason for blogging is to earn money. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love reading; especially YA books. But I desperately need money and blah blah blah -- I don't want to go into the whole pity story. To the point... first off any advice so I can increase website traffic? What are some things I can do to increase CTR of my google adsense ads? I'm also using Amazon Affiliates any advice on using that?? I know it's extremely hard to make money from blogging with all the blogs that there are today so any advice you could give me would be extremely helpful.

2012-10-12 09:13:53

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