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How to use/wear thick dry wavy hair?

I have very thick hair. Maybe you say i am lucky but its not like thaT because it is dry and gets frizzy when i fo out. I purchased many products but none of them worked except redken smooth down. Unfortunately it is discontinued... i used heat glide serum before flat iron and ny hair was really soft but actually i want to learn the stepa thay i should take after shower. I always towel dry my hair and then put it in braid or bun to prevent frizz. I cant say that it works well. I want to use my hair in its natural wavy form and also straighten it. My hair is layered and short layers get frizzy. I want them to get taller then i will get rid of layers (just very long layers amd maybe a small side bang) so, if i want to wear it in natural way what should i do after shower? If i want to wear it straight, then again what steps and products should i get?

2012-10-12 09:15:13

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