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Laptop wireless turning itself off/ going unusually slow?

I was at university for a while and while there i always used LAN, however now that i am at home i need to be able to use my wireless again. I use to use wireless on my current laptop but it got re-booted if thats the correct term ( windows re-installed). Anyway now when i try and use my wireless on this laptop it does work but it goes super slow and most times the connection just times out. The wireless works fine on my phone/ipod, other family memeber laptops and the internet on the main computer connected to the router its just mine. Also it turns itself off when my computer goes to sleep and when i turn my computer off and it doesn't turn itself back on automatically, i already changed the power saving setting and updated drivers. Is there anything else i can do to fix this? Thanks :)

2012-10-12 09:24:24

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