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COULD smone Write a C++ program that prompts the user for the weight and the distance to ship the package?

plz help me, its due TOMMOROW A shipping company charges the following rates based on weight (in kilograms) of the package and distance shipped (in units of 500 miles or a fraction thereof): Weight of package in kgs Rate per 500 miles shipped 2 kg or less $1.10 over 2 kg but not over 6 kg $2.20 over 6 kg but not over 10 kg $3.70 over 10 kg but not over 20 kg $4.80 If the user enters a weight of zero kg or less, or over 20 kg for the weight of the package display an error message and do not calculate the shipping charge. Similarly, the company does not ship less than 10 miles or more than 3000 miles, so if the user enters a distance outside that range, print a (different) error message and do not calculate or display the shipping charge.

2012-10-12 09:22:53

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