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please answer need advice?

hey How can i get this girl to have a rekationship with me if she feels the same way, i have known this girl for abit and we started talking on Facebook, and we got on really well, and found out we had alot in common, then we started skyping, I made her laugh all the time and we could for hours, and after a day or 2 she said she liked me and I liked her back so we agreed to go on a date to the cinima, and after that we acted like we were going out because we flirted, she even told me she loved me, we talked all the time and we were falling for each other because she told me but when she told her mum she thought it was too far when it was only 30 minutes away, so we were both upset and her mum said we couldn't meet up, and after I found out I was really upset because I was falling for her and she was falling for me because she told my friend and me, then we said i would meet her but tell her mum when i get to the train station and when she told her she still said we couldn't meet up so she walked to me with her dad and said we couldn't be together because her mum wouldn't let us and she goes college so we wouldn't be able to see each other, and she said she couldn't handle it physicaly, so we hugged good bye and when I got on the tray I was upset because I couldn't kiss her or anything but then she sent me a message saying lets just be friends and then I was hear broken because I loved her and that was the first time I ever felt like that about anyone so that day I was crying abit tbh, and we still talk but I miss her so much and it makes me upset knowing I carnt be with her, because I think I do love her and knowing I can't help anything makes me worse so how could I forget about her or at least try to be with her thanks and ps read it all to understand the story thanks :(

2013-08-08 14:44:34

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