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What is Your perception of Islam ?

Today's world, appears to be filled with much controversy concerning the Religion of Islam. There is also much ignorance, especially here in the western world !!! I've been searching through yahoo for sometime now, and it seems as if the CRUSADES have not been done away with as yet !!!! I think: "IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE". It's also a time for understanding each others faith. Instead of criticising each other, through ignorance. Please Remember to : Never judge a book by it's cover. Growing up amongst the KKK in the U.S.A. with their brutal treatment and oppression of Blacks. With use of the Bible to justify their EVIL, has not led to a hatred of Christianity, but understanding who the true and real christians were / are !! Looking forward to all Responses ! Peace

2013-08-08 14:51:49

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