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the book of good and evil?

I had a dream. I was in a bookstore id never seen and two people came in. One of them said nothing and the other was talking about zen. He claimed he had been reading a book in his hands called the book of good and evil. He wanted to sell the book to the clerk I guess. On the cover was and egg, or maybe a few. They had a pentagram, but it was like the bam margera one with the heart instead. Btw dont say anything about satan and the pentagram plz. The pentagram was used by early hebrews too. Some say representing the 5 books of their holy collection. Any ideas on what this book could be. I can't really find anything ancient except for an egyptian thing called the sekhmet bast her hater. But I can't find a translation or anything. Thanks for reading.

2013-08-08 14:54:52

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