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Was my boyfriend wrong in the relationship?

I met my first love at 22 and he was 25. He recently broke up with me after being together for almost 4 years. When he first laid his eyes on me, he was really attracted to me even though we never spoke. he pursued me and pursued me hard until I gave him a chance. Everything started off great. We never shared any interests and we have two different personalities but for some reason we made everything worked. I loved him for who he is. We're two very different people. I have a Masters and Bachelors degree and two jobs that relate to my career. I knew at a very young age what I wanted to do and pursued and chased my dreams. I had very supportive family and people who loved me. He on the other hand only has a high school diploma and didn't have a job the first year I was with him. He also had a broken family (family divorced) and grew a very hard life with no support. Fast forward this to the last six months of our relationship. I gained 10 pounds. I am 5"1 and weighted 115 pounds when I first met him. Then recently I gained 10 pounds (so 125 pounds now). He told me that in order to keep him "happy and interested" I have to start losing weight to look good for him. He said that we can't sustain a happy future if he wasn't physically attracted to me. I was upset and went on a diet and went to the gym to workout harder (I was consistently at the gym during the entire relationship). I then lost 5 pounds (making progress, but not there yet). He also mentioned that I needed to try and look pretty for him by wearing makeup. I am a confident girl and love the way I look. I have really nice skin and people say I have a natural beauty. So I started to wear makeup. Then recently he broke up with me because he said he realized that he was being selfish and he had to let me go. He doesn't see a future when he didn't have a strong physical attraction to me. He said we have two different personalities. He said I am a GREAT person and treated him TOO WELL (since I fought and tried really hard to make him happy). I was so blindsided because I thought that as long as I was trying to look good for him then he gave up on me when I never gave up on him. I am so upset about this and this happened three weeks ago and I can't get over it. is there something wrong with this picture?!

2013-08-08 14:58:20

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