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Girls aren't interested in me?

So I was out drinking last night with a few friends. This old friend of mine had some of her friends with her, 2 of which I thought were cute, but I'm always too shy to do anything. Now girl 1 got really drunk, and made out with guys in this club who I didn't think were that good looking. Is it pretty common for drunk girls to just make out with almost anyone? This would make me feel better as then I would feel like she didn't choose these guys over me (even though I wouldn't want to make out with anyone who was very drunk, because it feels like taking advantage of them, and I want someone to like me for me, not because they're inebriated) She also at one point said i'm small and I'll get back to this later. She also saw and heard about my body (I work out quite a bit to get nice abs) Now girl 2, I also liked, and she was less drunk. I talked to her for a bit, and she said I was a nice guy (because I gave one of her friends money to get something to eat, and also helped them pay for a taxi home.) But she also said "you deserve to be taller" now I know this is like jokingly, and can't be taken too seriously but it has made me wonder, does my height put me at a disadvantage? I'm 17 and i'm 5"7 so not seriously short, but I was smaller than a lot of them. As crazy as it sounds I kind of want this to be the answer, because then it would help comfort me that it's not my face, or looks or anything, it's just because i'm short, and then this would mean I could find a short girl who would also like me back.

2013-08-08 14:54:45

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