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Are Broad Shoulders and Shoulder Blades Related?

I don't know what Broad Shoulders look like but my friend told me He has one and so does Nicolas Cage. And i think i have Broad Shoulders too(I'm not quite Sure though. I can't really tell the difference between them.) I'm 16 and i plan to have a muscular body, but i have these Shoulder blades popping out of my back that make me look skinny. I've tried doing Exercises on increasing back muscles to hide these blades but i'm afraid that won't work cause I lack on Equipment and also, I'm not good on Back Exercises. I keep thinking if broad shouldered people also have this kind of situation. So, I just want to know if people with broad Shoulders have noticeable Shoulder blades too or Is it just my posture that's making my shoulder blades show?

2013-08-08 14:57:11

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