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I dreamed i kissed this girl?

I dreamed i kissed a girl? (please tell me what this means..even though some one answers with a good answer please ansewer still! ty ) i had this dream i was kissing this girl i was in some place ik who she is to i know her friends i dont accossite with them i just know them around my school the girl who kissed me sat next to me and then her friend said are you coming she said nah this boy is warm(me) her leg was touching my leg and i was on my phone on twitter yhen she was looking at my phone looking at twitter then she ended up on my lap and kissed my cheek then we kissed then i woke up or fell into another dream idk but what does this mean? i do like her tho but before i had the dream i didnt like her much but after this dream like i cant stop looking at her twitter pics and facebook pics i sound creepy but like im being serious

2013-08-08 14:57:55

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