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"Do you mind" reply?

Why is it that when you ask a question with "do you mind" in it (like for example 'do you mind helping me' or 'do you mind coming with me') the answer is always 'of course' or 'sure' or 'yes'. When you think about it that response sound like the person does mind. - Do you mind rubbing some sunscreen on my back? - Yes, I do mind. This is really something that annoys me cause when people say 'yes' they actually mean that they don't mind. It's stupid. That's why I always say 'may I join you' or 'could you please rub some sunscreen on my back' to avoid this situation. So my question is why do people reply to 'do you mind' with a 'yes' when they actually mean no (don't mind)? 10 pts for best answer!

2013-08-08 14:57:46

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