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doctor wants me to wait 3 months for surgery?

So I am 18 years old turning 19 in September! I was diagnosed July 1st with an Ovarian Cyst on my right ovary, but was told at my follow up appointment August 1st that it wasn't on my ovary its on my fallopian tube(right side) but no infection or sign of infection. They didn't check it at my follow up though all they did was ask me all these questions no ultrasound or pelvic exam just a urinalysis! This is the 3rd Doctor to bring up Endometriosis and I have suffered from it for 2 years probably. I have painful bowel movements, painful urination, intense period cramps in my back, lower abdomen, and hips, and long heavy periods, but only they are regular. This period I literally had a clot the size of the palm of my hand come out all at once after having cramps that I wasn't even able to stand up or anything but after the clot my pain kinda subsided. But anyway my doctor wants me to come back November 1st for a check up to possibly think of doing a Laprascopy. I wanted to know why wait for 3 months for this to get worse? I'm on Birth control and nothing seems to be helping it makes it worse. So I just don't know why wait 3 months? Should I call about the clot? Did my cyst rupture maybe? Will I be able to have Kids in the future? How do I cope with the pain?

2013-08-08 15:04:34

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